Kuala Lumpur

Somewhere in Budapest, 3am.

Recalling my arrival in Kuala Lumpur, the first thing I remember is that I was super tired. A few hours prior to my arrival, I got up at 3am in my hostel in Budapest to go to the airport. When I was sitting in the taxi, I received a message from my airline saying that my flight had been cancelled.

“We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause.”

So there I was on the third day of my trip, in a taxi on my way to the airport at 3.30 at night/in the morning trying to figure out a way to somehow fly to Kuala Lumpur as planned. Since I missed the first flight I would automatically miss my connecting flights as well, so I didn’t have any other choice than to book a new ticket.

Flash forward to Doha airport, where I had a layover. There I savoured a delicious 10$-plate  (ouch) of  fries for dinner and passed the time browsing through instagram. That’s when I saw that a friend of mine had posted photos of himself in Kuala Lumpur! I texted him immediately and we agreed on meeting the day of my arrival.

Flash forward to Kuala Lumpur: as I said I arrived extremely tired. I made my way through customs, got my backpack and acquired a 4G SIM card before ordering an Uber to bring me to my hostel (I was too exhausted to take the trains). When I arrived it was still early in the morning so I would have to wait in the communal area until check-in. I was just about the lie down on one of the tiny couches when a staff arrived to tell me that they had prepared a bed for me.

I was so happy.

So I slept for a few hours and then met my friend Mo in the city in front of the Petronas twin towers. It was strange seeing him there: the first and only time I had seen him before was more than a year ago, when I was introduced to him by a friend at a forró festival in Stuttgart, Germany (forró is a Brazilian couples dance). So basically, I was actually meeting up with an acquaintance…

Although meeting for only the second time ever, this time in the hustle and bustle of Kuala Lumpur, we enjoyed ourselves talking and exploring the city. We soon discovered that both of us love to try new foods, so we constantly found ourselves eating or drinking! 😉 All in all Mo turned out to be the perfect travel companion to start my trip in Malaysia with…

IMG_5808Petaling Street market.




China town.


Little India.


IMG_5906August 31 was a National Holiday and a lot of people were enjoying the jolly atmosphere around Masjid Jamek mosque.

IMG_5934The bright glow of the Petronas towers in between other buildings.

IMG_5953Near Masjid Jamek, Quran hour event was held and men and women were worshipping in public.

IMG_5975Masjid Jamek mosque beautifully lit for the festivities.


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