Cameron Highlands

Malaysia will forever occupy a special part in my heart. I travelled to this country with absolutely no expectations or knowledge about the landscape and cultures – pretty ignorant of me, I know. Normally I read up on places I visit but with Malaysia, it was different. I kind of discovered the country and people as I travelled from place to place and listened to recommendations from other travelers and locals.

After my arrival in Kuala Lumpur, where I spent 2 days, my friend and I continued to the Cameron Highlands, which was about a 5 to 6-hour bus ride away from KL. I was happy to leave the hot and humid air behind me and to relocate to higher ground: the Cameron Highlands awaited us with light showers and cooler air. I felt very at easy in Tanah Rata, the town we stayed in.

From there we went to explore the nearby tea plantations. Seeing a tea plantation for the first time in my life was an incredible experience! We stayed in Tanah Rata for several days and went hiking quite a bit: we went to explore one or two rainforests and hiked through the tea plantations through a remote village back to our hotel. The kids we encountered in the village were so curious and happy to see us, they gathered around us shouting and laughing and showed off their football skills. The days in the Cameron Highlands were my first real days of hiking and I overdid it a bit. My right knee was hurting pretty badly after our second hike, so I bought some cream in the hope it would relieve my pain. Unfortunately I was still limping a few days later when we continued to Penang…

Nevertheless the Cameron Highlands were one of my favorite places I saw on my last trip – we were even invited to an Indian wedding where we got offered food and drinks. A photo with the bride, groom and their family was included, too! But see for yourself…


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